Manifest Your Million

What if 1 million women were empowered by your message? What if you had $1 million dollars to fund your mission?

What a difference you could make on this planet!

I'm Dr. Neen, the Think it, Do It!® Queen. My mission is to create a legion of 100,000 Manifesting Mavens in the United States of America who are dedicated to helping women here and abroad.  I'm looking for 1,000 individuals that I can personally mentor, to manifest their mission.

Would YOU like to be a Manifesting Maven?

You will learn to earn 1 million dollars, $10,000 at a time. Submit the form below for the first in a series of videos that reveal simple ways to earn $10,000 using internet techniques.

If you would like to be a Manifesting Maven, we are here to support you.

To learn more, tell me what you would do with $1 million dollars and where you would lead 1 million empowered women and I'll send more information to your email box!

You will receive links to:

    • Educational programs 
    • The Manifesting Mavens community where you can receive assistance and collaborate for success
    • Post your completed products in the Manifesting Mavens Mall
    • Upcoming opportunities to help empower women
    • Dr. Neen's Manifesting Mavens World Tour
    • Challenges for personal growth and prosperity
    • Videos and podcasts to help you learn to earn

"Wow, I have paid so much money in the past and haven't gotten the results I needed, so Dr. Neen had me complete her branding worksheets and set a mentoring appointment to discuss them. I was blown away when Dr. Neen came up with my branding umbrella, within the first 5 minutes of our mentoring session! Everything has flowed easily from that point on - products, a training system, speech titles, organizing my empire... Dr. Neen's methods are specific, powerful and simple to use. I highly recommend that you take advantage of Dr. Neen's  phenomenal mentoring."

Julie Thong   
the "You CAN Do It All "guru   


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